Dynamic Ear Earplugs 2.1 hearing protection

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Excessively loud music can put a lot of strain on your ears. If this happens more often, you risk permanent hearing damage and constant ringing in your ears. The »Dynamic Ear Earplugs 2.1« are the optimal solution to protect your ears.

  • Very good wearing comfort, good ventilation of the ear
  • naturally balanced sound, spatial perception is preserved
  • water and sweat resistant
  • closed-cell foam reduces dirt, makes cleaning easier and increases the lifespan of the hearing protection
  • open mode: when the stopper is not placed, the mode offers a slight attenuation (-18dB)
  • closed mode: maximum protection, maximum attenuation (-28dB)
  • includes lanyard with built-in "blocker" for closed mode
  • packed in resealable bag for long shelf life and hygiene
  • made in the Netherlands