AQUILA viola string A

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Plain gut string for baroque viola (HV type string)

First-class cattle gut strings for high and middle positions. All strings with a diameter greater than 0.50 mm are made exclusively with high torsion and undergo a special treatment, which aims at maximum elasticity for easy response and long life for best acoustic results.

Polished and varnished strings (type HV)

The AQUILA gut strings are largely similar to the historical hand polished strings in that they have only a fraction of ground fibres in comparison to the otherwise current conventional grinding methods.

  • Gut string for baroque viola
  • polished and varnished
  • For stringing after ca. 1690, calculated for a pitch standard of 415 Hz
  • Vibrating string length: 36 cm
  • Total length of the gut string: 120 cm

Due to the special manufacturing method of polished strings, the diameters represent mean values ??(for example, a string with diameter 66 may be in a range of 65-67.)